Fotheringham at home in 2011. (COLIN MCCONNELL STAR) . (Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Allan Fotheringham was loved, revered and loathed but never ignored

The Maclean’s icon who shook Canadian politics and media with a blast of post-’60s insouciance has died. He defined acerbic wit, but couldn’t hide how deeply he cared about his country.

What writing 500 obituaries taught us about living

Maclean’s is closing the door on The End, our beloved back-page obit. Before it goes, we asked writer Michael Friscolanti to read through 12 years worth and reflect on the lessons within.
Jan Tofino.

Janet Stephanie Rooks, 1959-2014

She was a gifted pianist and a nurse. Whenever possible, she would embark on long treks in the Rocky Mountains.