The great American migration you might have missed this week

Tabatha Southey: No one knows exactly why a Trump tweet sent millions of people to calmly waltz straight into the ocean blue
Girl Drinking Milkshake

Why a ban on plastic straws sucks

Peter Shawn Taylor: Despite becoming the latest environmental supervillains straws are not to blame for polluting oceans, beaches or cities

Is big bad and small good?

Not always. Some things matter more than class size.
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UBC researchers help score ocean health

Scores range from 36 in Sierra Leone to 86 in South Pacific
Attack of the jellyfish

Attack of the jellyfish

Scientists debate the ‘rise of slime’ theory
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Oceans in grave danger, scientists report

Marine extinctions today rival those in pre-historic times.
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Slave labour on the high seas

A grim new report details horrific abuses in the world’s illegal fishing industry