Off-campus housing

student housing: Jeremy Biro, a third year biology student at McMaster University, stands in the basement of his house in Hamilton, Ontario. Siro has issues with how his landlord neglects his house and the living conditions he is in.

Horror stories from off-campus housing

Vermin, broken locks and unethical landlords are a few of the trials faced by students looking for affordable housing, but some schools are trying to make things better

When students live in luxury

From 2015: Forget everything you know about spartan student housing—condos offer a new kind of university lifestyle. But is it worth it?
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Police issue warning to students about rental fraud

Scam making the rounds at U of Waterloo
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The spread of anti-student bylaws

Will Hamilton be smart enough to avoid Oshawa’s misguided, anti-student moves?
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The next trend in housing?

Mandatory alcohol awareness training required to live in sorority house