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Kenney updates media on measures taken to help with COVID-19, in Edmonton on March 20, 2020 (CP/Jason Franson)

Alberta’s shattered fiscal house

As its money-making oil industry shrivels, Alberta is faced with a seismic reordering of its books—and the notion that it’s now an outlier for the wrong reasons

Employees at WILDNorth in Edmonton prepare an eared grebe for release back into the wild; each survivor is 'the best of the best,' says Blomme (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

Hours from death, these birds survived a tarry encounter with Alberta’s oil sands

When dozens of aquatic birds landed in an oil sands tailings pond, saving their lives wasn’t easy. But an Edmonton rehab agency managed to send some back into the wild.

Happy that Alberta’s oil-fuelled party is over? Think again.

Jen Gerson: In a system where every major project is a target for obstruction and protest, everyone suffers

(Ryan Remiorz/CP)

Jason Kenney and the oil sands: look who’s statist now

He may be a true believer in the conservative cause, but Kenney has evolved into a petro-premier first and foremost

Kenney speaks to supporters after being sworn in as MLA for Calgary-Lougheed, in Edmonton on Jan. 29, 2018 (CP/Jason Franson)

The real betrayal of Albertans? Lifer politicians who won’t tell them the truth.

Scott Gilmore: Every major player and investor understands the days of oil are numbered. Politicians are the only ones too shameless to say it out loud.

The unbelievable things coming out of Jason Kenney’s ‘War Room’

Jen Gerson: Nothing demonstrates the parochialism and myopia of the people running Alberta Inc. more than their support for the Canadian Energy Centre

The outsized meaning of the Frontier oil sands mine

The project is a long shot to get built, while others are already approved. How did it become a flashpoint in the climate-change battle?

Greta Thunberg’s visit to Alberta was no ordinary celebrity drop-in

The 16-year-old Swede lent her voice to Albertans who care deeply about climate change. And make no mistake, there are a lot of them.

Scrubbing the oil sands’ record

Canada’s bitumen giants say their crude has become less carbon-intensive than the average. How do their claims hold up?

Bill McKibben on how we might avert climate change suicide

The author argues the pipeline to B.C. is folly and Canada risks being ‘a great source of destruction’

Memo to Alberta: Get a grip

Stephen Maher: Indignation over pipelines is over the top—B.C.’s concerns are valid and Ottawa has far from failed to back the oil sands.

Beyond Kinder Morgan: Bureaucrats warn of oil sands trouble in internal report

Ottawa’s overhaul of energy policies—and the lack of a pipeline—could be a blow to investor confidence in a struggling industry, says report