Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s speech in Houston: Read a full transcript

Trudeau: ’No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there’

No, carbon pricing alone won’t be enough to lower emissions

A response to economist Trevor Tombe’s argument against blocking pipelines
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Ka-boom or Ka-bust? Reaction to Alberta’s climate change plan

A sampling of the reaction to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s newly unveiled climate policy
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What would energy look like under a Wildrose government?

Where Wildrose leader Brian Jean stands on the pace of oil sands development, carbon pricing, and what Alberta should do with its oil wealth
Stephen Harper Bob McLeod

N.W.T. leader Bob McLeod on pipelines and hybrid bears

The Northwest Territories government leader on his desire to build pipelines, court Chinese tourists and fight climate change at the same time.

Rubin, oil sands, and the bitumen bubble

He ignores what’s actually taken into account when calculating supply costs
Keystone pipe dreams

Keystone pipe dreams

Why the project’s U.S. approval now hinges on railways and a lawsuit

What Alberta’s Energy East agreement really means

What happens to the oil once it gets east?
fossil fuels on bike Climate Watch

McGill Board of Governors rejects divestment

Petition asks university to pull money from fossil fuels
Joe Oliver

Joe Oliver’s response to oil sands warning: ’It’s frankly nonsense’

Natural Resources minister says scientist’s oilsands comments were "exaggerated rhetoric"