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YUMMY VEGAN BOLOGNESE(Photograph by Sarah Palmer)

Five easy, tasty recipes for students on a budget

 Tempted to order pizza—again? Maybe try one of these recipes instead; they’re cheap and cheerful, with bragging rights guaranteed.
Students stay masked at a 2021 orientation event outside the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering (Courtesy of Schulich School of Engineering/University of Calgary)

Campus life at Canadian universities during the second pandemic school year

Canadian universities are welcoming students back to class, residence and even karaoke events. But there’s still plenty of online instruction, and some schools have vaccine mandates.
Avis Kozar (left) and Sieroka launched a page on Instagram to publicize alleged instances of sexual misconduct at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. (Photograph by Sarah Dea)

What happens to sexual assault reports at Canadian universities? No one really knows.

Despite many schools having policies to deal with sexual violence, it is often unclear what actually happens when a report is made.

The awkward truth about excuse notes

As more students ask for extensions, profs ask: is this real?

Why the ’price of sex’ is at an all-time low

Sociologist Mark Regenerus on hooking up, marrying down, and the effect of women’s success on our sex lives
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Student union executive pay — Western Canada edition

How much does your student union president make?
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