one-child policy

A Chinese child in Shanghai, China on March 11, 1994.

China’s one-child policy is over, but the fallout isn’t

The effects of the Middle Kingdom’s one-child policy, from the strictly economic to the social, will play out for decades to come

What China’s one-child policy meant for my family

From 2015: The consequences of China’s one-child policy will be felt for generations—even in Canada.
Li Yan, pregnant with her second child, lies on a bed as her daughter places her head on her mother’s stomach in Hefei, Anhui province

The end of China’s one-child failure

The policy to stop out of control population growth changed social and family norms in dangerous, tragic ways
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So you really want to save the planet, do you?

COLBY COSH proposes a zero-child policy for "passionate" environmentalists