online education

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University? There’s an app for that

A Waterloo start-up provides courses on smartphones
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Less professor time doesn’t hurt: study

Statistics students perform as well in "blended" versions
student coding

Here’s a free course that could get you hired

Nearly 300,000 have signed up so far
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Meritus University closes shop

Students to finish degrees elsewhere
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Online education isn’t ’way of the future’ just yet

University experience shouldn’t be spent entirely in front of a computer screen
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New Brunswick shuts down private online university

There are certain standards that have to be abided to that are not the same standards as you may have for a little convenience store
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Who needs a classroom?

Ontario Online Institute to pose challenges for students
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Who needs a prof?

Students turn to their laptops for free online courses from Ivy League scholars
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U.S. set to pioneer free online college courses

Plus, study finds that online learning beats face-to-face instruction
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Want an online U.S. degree? Know the costs

Stigma on e-degrees down, but watch out for false promises