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Snapchat : Illustration

Why the federal consultations on digital strategy matter: Exhibit A

When it comes to protecting digital privacy, Canada has fallen behind the EU and—as I learned the hard way—Twitter

After you’re dead and gone, will your tweets and Facebook updates even be remembered?

Scott Gilmore: Even the humblest among us is leaving behind massive piles of information. But when everyone is creating digital monuments, only a tiny fraction will ever stand out
Mark Zuckerberg

Try as we might, Facebook isn’t going anywhere

We’ve created a monster, writes Tabatha Southey—and the way Facebook is embedded into our lives means it will be a problem to fix, rather than quit
Mark Zuckerberg

When it comes to our data privacy, we don’t really have a choice

The debate around personal data has largely focused on privacy as an individual choice. The Cambridge Analytica scandal shows how little choice we actually have
Hire that Facebook party animal

Hire that Facebook party animal

Don’t be afraid of the job applicant with a beer in both hands
Feb 4/2013 – A view at the Queen’s U Compliment Facebook page.

Now you can use Facebook Graph Search (and it can be used on you)

Jesse Brown on privacy concerns with the new tool
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Mozilla to introduce plug-in to automatically block cookies

Firefox users get an option to block online tracking
Teen texting

Who cares more about online privacy: teens or adults?

Jesse Brown on how the latest research challenges perceptions about teens and social media
Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Click here to surrender your privacy

A Hot Docs film details how Google and Facebook serve up reams of private data to the CIA, FBI and others