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Why won’t Wayne Gretzky pick up his Order of Canada?

The Great One was awarded Canada’s greatest civilian honour in 2009. But he hasn’t found time in his schedule to make the trip to Ottawa.

Awarded Canada’s top honour in 2009, Gretzky has yet to pick it up

Agent says hockey legend has had trouble fitting an investiture ceremony into his schedule

Order of Canada winner lied about Ph.D

Why no one spotted a top science adviser who ‘misrepresented’ his credentials for 40 years


Paul Martin, Rick Hillier among Order of Canada appointments

Sixty-six Canadians honoured for their service to the nation in a wide range of fields

And that’s the kind of life it’s been

And that’s the kind of life it’s been

Lloyd Robertson, 77, is signing off. We think.


Who will wear the crown in Canada?

The monarchy has deep roots in this nation. They can’t easily be cut.


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BTC: Possibly the most dramatic shift in public opinion in the history of modern polling

Less than two weeks ago, the National Post had public opposition to Dr. Morgentaler’s appointment at a robust 92%. But Angus Reid now puts support for the award at 60%.

I’ll see your Don Cherry—and raise you a Jacques Parizeau

As my colleague (and office neighbour) Chris Selley has pointed out, “Canada’s National Newspaper” is on a bit of a Don Cherry kick these days. Through some tortured logical process, both Rex Murphy and the Globe editorial board have decided that Henry Morgentaler’s nomination to the Order of Canada for his work on legalizing abortion doubles as a perfect springboard for bestowing the same honour on English Canada’s favourite blowhard.


It doesn’t have to be this way

Raymond Gravel is a bit of strange specimen: a gay, Catholic priest elected to the House of Commons under the Bloc Québécois banner. There certainly aren’t many politicians like him—he has the odd distinction of being the first Québécois priest elected to the House of Commons*—but there are probably even fewer men of the cloth who resemble him.


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