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Why won’t Wayne Gretzky pick up his Order of Canada?

The Great One was awarded Canada’s greatest civilian honour in 2009. But he hasn’t found time in his schedule to make the trip to Ottawa.
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Awarded Canada’s top honour in 2009, Gretzky has yet to pick it up

Agent says hockey legend has had trouble fitting an investiture ceremony into his schedule

Order of Canada winner lied about Ph.D

Why no one spotted a top science adviser who ‘misrepresented’ his credentials for 40 years
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Paul Martin, Rick Hillier among Order of Canada appointments

Sixty-six Canadians honoured for their service to the nation in a wide range of fields
And that’s the kind of life it’s been

And that’s the kind of life it’s been

Lloyd Robertson, 77, is signing off. We think.
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Who will wear the crown in Canada?

The monarchy has deep roots in this nation. They can’t easily be cut.