Grumpy old gangsters and a great Dane

Brian D. Johnson reviews ’Stand-Up Guys’ and ’A Royal Affair’

Talk about Tilda in ’We Need to Talk About Kevin’

Swinton’s brilliant, harrowing performance deserved an Oscar nod, but she is upstaged by the film’s lurid style

Busting ghosts in ’Albert Nobbs,’ ’Woman in Black’ and ’W.E.’

Glenn Close plays a guy, Daniel Radcliffe plays an adult and Madonna plays auteur

’Monsieur Lazhar’ is Oscar-worthy

Akin to ’Incendies,’ but on a smaller canvas, it’s an immigrant tale with irresistible charm

’The Artist’: the year’s most unlikely crowd-pleaser

This French film that needs no subtitles is the kind of movie Woody Allen would like to have made

An Oscar coronation for ’The King’s Speech’

Franco flops, while Hathaway puts a happy face on a train wreck at the ’young, hip,’ atrophied Oscars

That Oscar nod for ’Barney’s Version’ was no accident

Robert Lantos says Adrien Morot’s Makeup nomination was "fought for" in months of L.A. lobbying
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TIFF Newsmakers

Hilary Swank cleans up for the cameras, the Boss is still working, and the FUBAR guys have some advice for the PM
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Romance in a miniature war town

After a horrific assault, therapy for one man is imagining life as a downed fighter pilot
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Godfather loser, Hollywood legend

A new documentary hails John Cazale as one of the most influential actors of his generation