Oscars 2017

89th Academy Awards – Oscars Awards Show

Disaster aside, the Oscars were a win for diversity—and independence

It was a shame how the Best Picture award snafu ruined an otherwise historic moment. But the night was bigger than one foul-up.
ABC’s Coverage Of The 89th Annual Academy Awards

Why the Oscars mix-up was the Academy’s worst-case scenario

The ’Moonlight’-’La La Land’ mistake is an absolute nightmare for an Academy that is now left exposed in an impossible situation
Viola Davis

Here’s Viola Davis’s emotional Oscars speech

Read Viola Davis’s much-buzzed-about speech from the Oscars after her win for best supporting actress
France The Salesman

Read Asghar Farhadi’s statement for his Oscars win

The director of ’The Salesman’, which won the Oscar for best foreign film, had boycotted the awards over Trump’s travel ban