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Has ’fixing’ Canada’s mortgage market made it riskier?

Tighter lending rules will send borrowers into the arms of ’alternative lenders,’ posing a whole new set of hazards
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The ballyhooed ’war on homebuyers’ isn’t real

Regulators have finally realized that Canada is addicted to debt, and are trying to limit the fallout. This is not a bad thing.
The CN Tower is reflected on an end table in the dining room of the Ritz Carlton residents model suite in Toronto May 1, 2012.

Housing bubbles worldwide will test a big lesson from the financial crisis

Can you slow housing prices without raising interest rates?

Canada’s housing market: is it a cooling? Is it a crash?

Here’s a guide to bullish and bearish arguments
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The under-the-radar changes that may soon deflate (or pop) the housing bubble

Could this be the Harper Conservatives’ real plan for the housing market?