Panama Papers

Yachts are seen during sunset in Panama City

It’s time to address the double standard about tax havens

Opinion: If countries really want to get tough on tax avoidance, they should stop picking on small nations and call out close allies, instead
Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron arrives at a European Union leaders summit over migration in Brussels

David Cameron’s connection to the Panama Papers

How did U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron get ahead? Until now, his father’s tax shelter didn’t hurt.
People demonstrate against Iceland’s Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson in Reykjavik

One picture, nearly a thousand words: Lessons from Iceland

What a protest in Reykjavik over the Panama Papers reveals about post-recession economics

How easy is it to buy a secret shell company in Canada? Very.

The Panama Papers listed Canada as a good place to incorporate an anonymous shell company. One study has shown it’s disturbingly simple to do.

Maclean’s on the Hill: Maxime Bernier wants to be Tory leader

The Maclean’s Ottawa bureau gives you a weekly audio briefing on all things #cdnpoli
Yachts are seen during sunset in Panama City

Tax havens aren’t the problem, the lack of transparency is

Many commentators are calling for the “banning of tax havens.” Although well intentioned, it misses the bigger problem.
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What Canadians can learn from the Panama Papers

Romana King presents three tax schemes to avoid and six legit ways to avoid paying tax
muffled money. Nicholas Belton/Getty Images

Why do the rich hide money offshore, anyway?

Tax-avoidance aside, offshore accounts offer a level of secrecy and asset protection the rest of us could never afford
Canada Revenue Agency

Canadians are right to be angry over the Panama Papers leak

The offshore accounts behind the Panama Papers may be legal. But they’re not fair.