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Can’t I be a parent—and a politician?

Joe Cressy: In September, I’ll be the first person ever to utilize the City of Toronto’s new parental leave program for city councillors. But for some people, my decision hasn’t been well-received.
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Why parental leave rules are shutting out dads

A new report takes a deep dive into Canada’s maternity and parental leave benefits—and finds some counter-intuitive downsides to dads-only parental leave

Quebec has a better way of doling out parental leave

The editorial: Parental benefits through EI was always an odd fit. Here’s what we can learn from Quebec.

The unintended consequences of boosting parental leave

Changing EI parental leave provisions may change the season of births in Canada and the distribution of health, education, and development outcomes
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How parental leave is the Trojan Horse of election promises

Without systemic supports in place, extended leaves can limit women’s income and work choices

Should you take an extended parental leave?

Kathleen Lahey, a law professor at Queen’s University, on how time out affects a woman’s job prospects and earning power

Are men who take parental leave treated worse than women?

Research shows men taking paternity leave face greater social consequences
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When the going gets tough

Employers are forced to get inventive to lure—and retain—the best and brightest