A daughter’s letter to her dad: ’You never let me forget where I came from’

Before You Go: Taslim Jaffer and her father visited Mombasa, Kenya, where both of them were born, during a once-in-a-lifetime trip. It was a journey drenched in memories and love.

The problem with the badass-working-parent meme

Viral photos of politicians and CEOs working with their babies on their laps are meant to inspire. In reality, they’re absurd and unhelpful for real working parents.
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Felicia Boots: ’I was a good mum and I never meant this to happen’

Post-partum depression knows no prejudice—race, class or otherwise
Television’s mid-life crisis

Television’s mid-life crisis

A show can be a hit, but if its viewers are over 49, chances are it’ll get the axe
Advantage, working mothers

Advantage, working mothers

The latest evidence makes a case for choosing a job over staying home, fuelling the mommy-wars debate
I’m weddy for my close-up, people

Babies are taking over television

As actors, they’re notoriously obstreperous, but babies are television’s hottest stars
Sperm and the City

Sperm and the city

Donor insemination counsellors help women deal with big issues, like boyfriends
Give mom a cigarette break

Give mom a cigarette break

They may say they’re going out for milk, but secret smokers go to great lengths to feed their habit
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Someone give Glenn Close a hug

Today the popular shows, like ’Parent­hood,’ are sweet and mushy, not mean like ’Damages’