Parliamentarians of the Year 2016

Photo gallery: The Maclean’s Parliamentarians of the Year gala

A look at a night of revelry at the Parliamentarians of the Year awards, our annual celebration of Ottawa’s best MPs

Tom Mulcair: The 2016 Parliamentarian of the Year

After a tough election loss and a tougher party convention, Tom Mulcair got right back to work in the House of Commons

Honouring Rona Ambrose, the House’s tireless worker

Maclean’s recognizes Rona Ambrose, the seemingly indefatigable Conservative interim leader, as 2016’s hardest-working MP

Ed Broadbent: Influence, ideas and an unfulfilled quest for power

Maclean’s honours Broadbent with a lifetime achievement award for his invaluable contribution to parliamentary life

Larry Bagnell, a man who goes to the people

Maclean’s recognizes the Liberal politician who loves meeting people across his Yukon riding as the MP who best represents constituents

Nathan Cullen: The gift of gab

Maclean’s recognizes Nathan Cullen, a veteran MP who’s prolific in the House, as Parliament’s best orator of 2016

Meet Maclean’s 2016 Parliamentarians of the Year

From best orator to hardest working, Maclean’s annual awards recognizes the best MPs in the House of Commons

Kevin Lamoureux, who’s always ready for a debate

Maclean’s recognizes the Winnipeg MP who’s unafraid to speak his mind as the most knowledgeable MP of 2016

Gérard Deltell, the experienced newcomer

Maclean’s recognizes Gérard Deltell, a top performer in the House, as the rising star MP of 2016

Marilyn Gladu, the pragmatic rookie

Maclean’s recognizes Gladu, known for reaching across party lines, as the most collegial MP of 2016