Parti Québécois

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Pierre Karl Péladeau exits politics just as he arrived: hastily. Martin Patriquin on the former Parti Québécois leader’s surprise resignation

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Paul Wells on Pierre Karl Péladeau’s historically short, ill-suited leadership of the Parti Québécois, and what comes next

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Yes, the Quebec Liberal party is a source of endless frustration. But the latest accusations blaming English voters are absurd.

The PQ grows another propaganda arm

A new research institute will ‘show the advantages of independence’. It’s hard to see what it could possibly add to the old argument.

Pierre Karl Péladeau won’t be a Parti Québécois saviour

Pierre Karl Péladeau is not going to ignite the PQ. He is about to fall into some familiar political traps.

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Why the PQ has re-embraced its troublesome, vote-losing ‘values charter’

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He will almost certainly take the leadership of the PQ, but he is a flawed politician in a troubled party, writes Martin Patriquin

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Amid the usual backbiting and conspiracies, some refreshing—albeit late—candour