party discipline


A new documentary about party discipline


A Conservative MP lets his guard down (then puts it back up)

My colleague Aaron Wherry has posted here that illuminating, unfiltered video of B.C. Conservative MP David Wilks discussing with unusual candour the government’s omnibus budget bill with a group of his constituents.


50 yards from Parliament Hill

I almost never disagree with Chris Selley. Indeed, I am almost willing to make it a rule not to disagree with Chris Selley. But his analysis yesterday of Brad Trost’s groping for more backbencher power in Parliament is uncharacteristically superficial. Selley celebrates Trost’s public ruminating over his inability to spurn the party whip on polarizing issues; wouldn’t it be nice, he asks, if we had a Conservative Party more like the eclectic, dissent-tolerating one in old Westminster? Perhaps it would be. But there is an awkward plain fact staring us in the face.


The first rule of party discipline

The Star-Phoenix seems to be having some trouble finding anyone in the Harper government or Conservative party to respond to Brad Trost’s comments.


Brad Trost Maverick Watch

The Conservative backbencher deviates from the script.