Paul Dewar

Paul Dewar’s message to Parliament: ‘Take off the armour of our political party’

‘Imagine how different it would be if we put our swords down and our shields down for a moment. This is my proposition to you.’

Paul Dewar: The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award winner

As the three-term former MP fights a cancer diagnosis, Maclean’s honours his contribution to Parliament

Political nastiness got you down? We offer our annual respite from partisanship.

This year’s Maclean’s Parliamentarians of the Year awards will feature a raft of prizes, including a lifetime accolade to former NDP MP Paul Dewar

A politician to Paul Dewar: ‘You know no one is strong enough to do it alone’

Paul Dewar took on fights in Parliament for nearly a decade. Now, as he faces a new one—brain cancer—Jeff Leiper shares what he’s learned from his mentor

Ottawa shooting: NDP MP Paul Dewar talks about Kevin Vickers

‘He’s a very playful guy … He is a gentle giant’


On whether or not to boycott the Sochi Olympics

At the intersection of sports, politics and human rights


NDP blasts Baird over diplomat strike, treaty relations with UN

OTTAWA – The NDP accused Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on Thursday of botching relations with his own diplomats and isolating Canada on the international stage.

Remembering a massacre in Iran

MPs vote on a motion to condemn the massacre of 5,000 Iranian political prisoners


The new office of religious freedom

The Prime Minister names a new ambassador

Photo Gallery: The Speaker’s Robbie Burns Dinner

Mitchel Raphael takes in the Speaker’s second annual celebration of the Scottish bard

PHOTO GALLERY: NDP rock the House

Mitchel Raphael celebrates the season with the Opposition


The testimony of Paul Dewar

After QP today, Paul Dewar, who can be seen on the video walking over to intervene, explained to reporters what, from his perspective, happened between Peter Van Loan, Nathan Cullen and Thomas Mulcair.