Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis at his apartment in New York.

Paul Haggis gets personal

An Oscar win—then a marital, spiritual and career crisis. Haggis plumbs it all in his new film.
Tom at the Farm

TIFF 2013 Diary, Day Six

Highlights from the sixth day of the festival, including Liam Neeson’s toothpick and Errol Morris’s new march to war
Third Person

TIFF 2013 Diary, Day Five ... from eco-activists to Penthouse parties

Our daily dose of the TIFF scene, from Night Moves’ eco-terrorists to Paul Haggis’s return to form
Fightin’ words

Feuds: fightin’ words

From Google and Apple to Newfoundland and a ballooning moose population–bad blood runs deep
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

Opening Weekend: Harry Potter, The Next Three Days, Client 9

Emma Watson rules a road movie about boys and their wands
Missing image

Newsmakers ’09: Breakups

Kate and Jon Gosselin, and Paul Haggis and Scientology