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Plante leads a rarity in Montreal city politics: a party that existed before she came along and may yet outlast her (Paul Chiasson/CP)

All the good politicians are in Montreal

Paul Wells: I used to wonder where all the politicians with heart and wit went. Turns out they’re in Montreal, trying to turn a parking lot into a place where people actually live.
Passing through an early morning checkpoint in Kandahar in 2011, the year Canadian soldiers were brought home (Courtesy of Sergeant Matthew McGregor/DND-MDN)

In Afghanistan, the signs of our failure were everywhere

Paul Wells: How did the West get things so terribly wrong?
Aislin’s favourite caricature of Allan Fotheringham drawn in 1979, portraying the raconteur as an irascible scamp with a cap gun and pea shooter (Aislin)

Unlocking the mystery of Dr. Foth

Paul Wells: What would English Canada’s most-read columnist have said about the Prime Minister’s current predicament? Everything, and nothing.

The confidence of Andrew Scheer

The opposition leader talks to Maclean’s Paul Wells about building pipelines, working with Trump, Canadian values and why he’s ready to be prime minister
Jagmeet Singh takes the 60-second challenge at Maclean's

Jagmeet Singh takes the Maclean’s 60-second challenge

Watch Jagmeet Singh take our 60-second challenge. Then on Feb. 6 at 7 pm watch him in conversation with Paul Wells at the NAC in Ottawa, broadcast live on Twitter. For more details go to
Paul Wells

Softwood lumber: Well, that escalated quickly

Wells: On Monday, Fox News carried an interview with a Wisconsin dairy farmer who has hit hard times and blames Canada. The President was watching.