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Why are we paying girls less than boys for summer work?

A Girl Guides report that suggests pay inequity starts early has reframed a debate previously restricted to working-age adults
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In the pay equity fight, Canada’s biggest provinces are ground zero

2018 was a year of closing Canada’s gender wage gap. 2019 will be a year of painful delays.
Justin Trudeau

What it would really take to close the gender wage gap

Peter Shawn Taylor: A look at Nordic countries reveals the big obstacle to eliminating gender pay gaps is the preferences of female workers themselves

The worst age for women to have kids in terms of career

When women have kids during these years, they are most affected by the wage gap
Toronto business and financial centre from below

Why do we rely on UK to disclose Canada’s pay inequity?

Anne Kingston: It’s time for corporate Canada to disclose its gender pay gap at home
Rally To Support Equal Pay For Equal Work

Canadian professors still face a gender pay gap

Opinion: The gender pay gap of today is not simply a holdover from the past, and it’s high time universities valued male and female professors equally
Justin Trudeau

Why women’s economic equality is lagging under Trudeau

For a government that claims to be feminist, it has barely moved the dial on childcare, pay equity and better jobs for women, says a new report
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Six ways Budget 2018 should shrink the gender wage gap

Gender-based analysis informed the latest federal budget, which held plenty of measures aimed at tackling the wage gap
Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart on the limits of “leaning in”

As the former head of the CBC and Twitter Canada embarks on new role, she says it’s time for business to adapt to women’s needs—not the other way around