Election Issues 2015: A Maclean’s primer on pensions

Maclean’s is your destination for the 2015 election. Start with our in-depth primers on the issues that will dominate the election, including pensions

Canada’s looming pension wars

Boomers are only now starting to take stock of retirement and many don’t like what they see

Boosting the CPP would ‘bring economic benefits’

Documents hint at how, inside Finance, the prospect of raising CPP premiums to pay for enriched benefits isn’t viewed so negatively

Credit card tricks

Why Canada’s household debt problem could get worse

It’s easier to spend today when you know you don’t have to worry about saving for tomorrow


The future of pensions

While Jim Flaherty and the provinces continue to debate CPP reform, Kevin Milligan considers the options.


A chance for CPP expansion?

The Globe reports that CPP changes are being considered.


It turns out that omnibus budget bills can be split

The Conservatives and the opposition parties unanimously agreed this morning to split MP pension reforms from the omnibus budget bill and pass the separate legislation.


Loading up the omnibus bill

Again this afternoon, the Liberals asked the Conservatives to table a separate bill to deal with MP pensions. The Conservatives don’t seem interested.


Budget day

Yesterday, the Canadian Press pegged the cuts at $7 billion. Last night, the CBC reported the total will be closer to $4 billion. The Post says it’ll be around $5 billion, with the elimination of approximately 25,000 public service jobs. MP and public servant pensions will be changed. The House of Commons will trim its budget by 6.9%. And the hiring tax credit for small businesses will be extended for another year.


The case for OAS reform

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley made her appeal for Old Age Security reform yesterday in Toronto. The Globe, Star, Postmedia and Canadian Press have their takes.

Want lower tuition? Ask your profs about $97,000 pensions.

Runaway compensation is hurting students


Another hint

Jim Flaherty offers another clue in the OAS mystery.