Peter Julian

NDP debate_feature

The first NDP leadership debate starts defining the contenders

Julian, Ashton, Angus and Caron put on a surprisingly lively, revealing show

What Justin Trudeau lost by losing his cool

What a Parliament Hill elbowing means for the much more serious matters of assisted death and electoral reform in a fractured House
Dean Del Mastro

House moves toward suspending Dean Del Mastro

Found guilty by a judge, Del Mastro is about to be barred from the House
House of Commons 20130327

Fun and games with parliamentary procedure

Speaker forced to consult instant replay
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The Commons: Now is not the time for subtlety

Oil and the climate are at war and you must pick a side

PHOTO GALLERY: NDP rock the House

Mitchel Raphael celebrates the season with the Opposition
Kevin Reinhart

Harper government approves CNOOC and Petronas deals

Acquisitions of Nexen and Progress Energy will go through

The Commons: In praise of the simple question

A dull day in the House is not entirely wasted