Peter Thiel

Donald Trump

America’s press is dead. Long live the billionaires.

Is a billionaire interviewer really the last line of defence against Donald Trump?
Peter Thiel

Gawker’s demise and Trump media’s triumph

The bankrupting of Gawker is part of a tough time for liberal media—and a good time for Trump-friendly media

RNC Day 4: Ivanka leans in, Trump’s top aide leans out

All the highlights of a day that culminated in the longest acceptance speech in decades
Donald Trump

It’s Trump’s party now. And soon, Trump’s world?

Trump risks everything on the chance that a majority of voters buy into his agenda of fear. What could possibly go wrong if he wins?
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Should I do an M.B.A.?

In the face of challenges, Canada’s business schools adapt
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University programs adapting to the new economy

Business schools are rethinking what and how they teach their students
Thiel Foundation Laura Demming

Foundation gives 20 teens $100,000 each

Two new Thiel Fellows are Canadian