Health care cannot modernize unless health policy changes first

Bacchus Barua and Steven Globerman: A recent Ipsos survey states that Canadians are ready for technological advancement in health care, but there are significant barriers

Health Canada might make your prescription drugs less safe

What a quietly announced policy change could compromise Health Canada’s mandate to protect the public’s health

Students demand boundaries between drug firms and medical schools

The push to go pharma-free after a series of scandals

Bill C-398 defeated

A sufficient number of Conservatives voted against Bill C-398 tonight to defeat the private members’ bill that was intended to make it easier to send generic medicine to developing countries.


The trouble with pharmaceutical abuse

While Leona Aglukkaq writes to the provincial health ministers about OxyContin and prescription drug abuse, John Geddes questions the Harper government’s approach.

Heartburn pills that cause heart attacks, antidepressants that lead to suicide

Why does Canada trail U.S. and EU in protecting citizens from dangerous meds?


Private members’ business

Kady O’Malley picks nine private members’ bills to watch. The case of Helene Laverdiere’s bill is the most interesting to me.


Ashton on health care

Niki Ashton promises health care reform and floats the idea of a crown corporation charged with producing generic drugs.


Pharmacare for all

Martin Singh pitches a national pharmacare program.


Well, there’s your problem

The fall report of the auditor general is here.

Power of the placebo

Power of the placebo

Studies are showing that placebos prescribed to unknowing (and knowing) patients actually work


U of T aims to limit drug company influence

Course on pain management to be revised