Philippe Couillard

Quebec’s seriously odd, strangely important election

Paul Wells: Even the most staunchly federalist or sovereignist observers have, over the years, yearned for a normal Quebec election. And then they almost got one.

A year later: The Quebec mosque massacre and rising Islamophobia

Opinion: If we are to make any progress, Canada and other countries must tackle the issues underlying the perception of Muslims in public consciousness

Bonjour! Hi! Let us discuss language politics

Paul Wells on the Quebec National Assembly’s farcical motion about how merchants should greet their customers

Quebec without equalization?

François Legault’s promise to wean Quebec off equalization payment isn’t realistic, but it’s good politics

Opinion: Bill 62 is what Islamophobia looks like

Quebec’s controversial bill banning covered faces from giving and receiving public services is not about religious neutrality, it’s about Islamophobia, Sadiya Ansari says.

Quebec’s Bill 62 is what Islamophobia looks like

The law aims for ‘religious neutrality’ while targeting Muslim women who wear a niqab or burka

Philippe Couillard takes the Maclean’s 60-Second Challenge

John Horgan misses the premiers’ meeting, loses game of inches

B.C.’s anti-pipeline premier wasn’t around to stop a joint statement that sounded decidedly pro-oil—in a mealy-mouthed, premiers’-summit kind of way

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Who’s up? A federal minister with new NAFTA ammo. Who’s down? A premier trying to talk about the constitution.

The return of the angry Quebec premier

Normally a picture of serenity, Philippe Couillard is losing his cool in the face of some surprisingly disciplined opposition

The insiders’ perspective on Trudeau federalism 2.0

An important meeting with provincial and territorial leaders will be a test of the feds’ hug-it-out approach. Will it work?

Why a struggling Parti Québécois is bad for Quebec’s democracy

Pierre-Karl Péladeau is, predictably, stumbling toward the exit, while Philippe Couillard fumbles his way to undeserved success