Philippe Falardeau


The Good Lie’s Philippe Falardeau embraces the Hollywood machine

The Quebecois filmmaker talks about working with Reese Witherspoon and how to go Hollywood without abandoning your vision
March 22 National Day of Action

Photo gallery: Quebec’s Day of Action

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Social model compromised

What’s next for Quebec students?

Tuition hike protest is about more than just money
FILM Genies Nalisse

’Monsieur Lazhar’ sweeps the Genies

The film’s Genie triumph crowns a string of honours including an Oscar nomination

Oscar anoints ’Hugo,’ ’The Artist’—and ’Monsieur Lazhar’

Silent film homages lead the race, while Canadians score 2.5 nominations

Quebec and Croneberg lead Genies

Sarah Polley’s ’Take This Waltz’ is snubbed as foreign co-pros lead English Canadian fare
TFCA held at the Carlu on Jan 10, 2012 photographed by George Pimentel

Toronto critics love ’Monsieur Lazhar’

Andrea Martin kills at the 15th annual TFCA awards—featuring David Cronenberg, Don McKellar, Bruce McDonald, Sarah Gadon and Cameron Bailey.