Toronto Blue Jays v. Baltimore Orioles

Why baseball lends itself to philosophical speculation

Author Mark Kingwell calls baseball ’a game...whose main feature is inaction punctuated by outbursts’
Greece Financial Crisis

How a spat over PC culture in philosophy betrayed philosophy itself

Outrage over a student union’s alleged call for a ban on white thinkers is misplaced—and shows even philosophy isn’t immune to the toxic political climate
British philosopher Alain de Botton

So, Alain de Botton, what is art for?

In the art world, asking “What is a museum for?” is like asking, “What is money for?” at a Wall Street dinner, says philosopher Alain de Botton

French students debate mandatory philosophy exam

Some say ’philo’ is demoralizing, elitist and unrealistic

The lycée: What’s the point?

French students debate mandatory philosophy exam
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How Canadian schools stack up in QS rankings (part two)

Subject rankings for psychology, law, economics...

Cheers to the Science Pub

Café lectures trend grows
philosophy cafe 4

Are today’s students really more boring?

Philosophical conversations make a comeback on campus
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Foreign doctorate students could be sent home

Finish in four years or pay for it yourself: Ontario government