Phuoc and Binh Wagner


The miracle twins

The incredible journey of Phuoc and Binh Wagner—and how their family’s battle saved other children, too

On this week’s cover: The miracle twins

In the latest issue of Maclean’s, Michael Friscolanti takes us inside the family that inspired us all—as well as inspiring change across North America
Liver Transplant 20150210

Second twin receives life-saving liver transplant

“BINH RECEIVED HER GIFT!!!’ Johanne Wagner announces on Facebook

Doctors identify eight possible liver donors for dying twin

Among hundreds of strangers who have offered to donate their organs to Phuoc and Binh Wagner, a small few appear to be the ideal match

An ’impossible’ choice, made: An Ontario twin gets her liver

What some called an unimaginable choice became real, as Michael Wagner donated part of his liver to one of his daughters, while the other waits