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Polar Bear, Ursus Maritimus, Cub amongst snow covered trees Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Canada’s polar bear capital is fighting to keep its orphan cubs

Residents of Churchill, Man., say it’s time to stop sending motherless young animals to southern zoos. But can they ensure the cubs get the bear necessities?
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Polars bears are descending on Newfoundland and scaring parents

Parents are schooling kids in the risks posed by ursine visitors. Good idea, because the bears may soon be arriving in greater numbers.
Mascot protection program

This polar bear hunting quota brought to you by Coca-Cola

There’s a lot riding on the results of the latest polar bear count
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

Photo gallery: the flourishing business of polar bear pelts

Take a tour of Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. in North Bay, Ont.
We're shotting polar bears?!?

We’re shooting polar bears?!?

International fur buyers are snapping up pelts at record prices. Nicholas Kohler went inside the auction house.
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Mother bear endures 9-day swim

Shrinking polar ice fields likely to blame for ordeal
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Are they white—or brown?

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell a polar bear and a brown bear apart. Or does it?
Hard to bear

High prices leave the polar bear population at risk

In search of big profits, hunters in Quebec are tracking down polar bears at an unsustainable rate
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Bearskin sale brings big trouble

Hickey faces up to six U.S. charges, five years in prison