Ravyn Wngz (left) in Toronto and Sandy Hudson in LA. (Photograph by Dimitri Aspinall; Photograph by Nikk Rich)

‘Courage and truth’: What Sandy Hudson and Ravyn Wngz hope to see in 2021

The Black Lives Matter activists have a discussion on what needs to happen next after a devastating but also inspiring year
The Bow Street Horse Patrol became part of Peel’s London Metropolitan police force in 1836 (Mansell/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

The case for police reform in the style of 1820s London

Jen Gerson: It’s difficult for someone today, subject to countless videos of police abuse, to wrap our heads around this idea—but the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 created a liberal institution
An RCMP police car in front of Parliament in Ottawa (Marc Bruxelle/Alamy)

The RCMP is broken

The iconic force is fraying under the strain of its rural policing model, tragic mistakes, an ugly past and a controversial present
Thunder Bay city limits. (Phootgraph by Cole Burston)

Something must be done about the Thunder Bay police

An unprecedented report says ‘systemic racism’ exists within the force, and that there was ‘neglect of duty’ among investigators. Is it beyond fixing?
Police car

The ethics of police using technology to predict future crimes

Using computer models to determine where crime is most likely to occur could reinforce police biases about neighbourhoods with ethnic or racial minorities

The police vs. social media

Why the logic of policing and the logic of social media are in conflict

Surplus military gear moves from battle to U.S. police forces

An explanation for some of the military-style gear police used in Ferguson
Fighting violent crime, Canadian-style

Fighting violent crime, Canadian-style, in Trinidad and Tobago

An Edmontonian tries to tackle the islands’ exploding crime rate