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Queen's Park

In the face of new advertising laws, political free speech needs an advocate

Opinion: British Columbia’s laws restricting political advertising were deemed Charter violations. So why are Ontario and Alberta enacting their own?

Canada must reform its stunningly inadequate political advertising rules

Opinion: Bruce Anderson on how Canada’s democracy is vulnerable to modern forces that our current election rules are ill-equipped to handle

How money and advertising matter now in federal politics

The loopholes that allow political advertising to runneth over in an election year

Could we limit political advertising between elections?

A Liberal senator wonders if it’s time to expand the level playing field?

According to the Conservatives, your government is awesome

The federal government is spending tens of millions on commercials that make the Tories look good


The permanent campaign continues

The NDP buys billboard space to attack the elimination of the long-gun registry.

Careful what you wish for, Prof. Mendes

Colby Cosh on how we might as well go ahead and hold the funeral if democracy is so easily buyable


Do the math

Nate Silver measures the impact of campaign advertising.


The Quebec appeal

Michael Ignatieff always has two speeches, the one in the prepared text and the one he delivers (while only periodically checking with his prepared text). The text for today’s speech is here. A recording is below. Compare and contrast at your leisure.


Stephen Harper loves Canada more than you

In a new advert, the Prime Minister asks you to think about how cool those F-35s will look during ceremonial fly-overs.


How this works

Be careful what you say in public.