political correctness

Jonathon Gatehouse

How a cancelled yoga class stretches the point on cultural appropriation

The University of Ottawa’s yoga classes weren’t debasing anyone’s culture. But we lose nothing by listening, rather than overreacting hastily.

PC Wars II: The Imperialists Strike Back

Is our current culture really being choked out by political correctness?

The boy in the burka

Sun News dressed a minor in a burka and sent him to the liquor store, for some reason.

Reverse sexism at Simon Fraser

Long live the Men’s Centre
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The Cougars? The Redmen? Oh, how offensive!

The naming of sports teams is now fraught with peril
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A missed opportunity for diversity

Mark Steyn on the opening ceremonies: Where was the genuinely bizarro cavalcade?
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Major Nidal Hasan had an enabler

All those red flags but no one did anything. Political correctness took the lives of 14 people.