Denis Simpson, One of the Original Polkaroos, Dies

A sad coda to the recent round of Polkaroo-mania: Denis Simpson, one of the show’s rotating hosts, has died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 59.


This Post May Be For Ontarians Only

I don’t know how many people outside Ontario watched Polka Dot Door (it did run in the U.S. for a while). Anyone who did watch it will know why this is the news that might just make Twitter relevant again: Polkaroo has a Twitter feed at twitter.com/polkaroo. Where his messages mostly consist of him saying “Polkaroo!” followed by a link to something. Because he doesn’t say anything except “Polkaroo!” and doesn’t need to — he’s Polkaroo, dang it; he doesn’t have to make speeches. He also offers Polkaroo-related visual material on Tumblr.

Politicians and Polkaroo

TVOntario held a special launch for its new digital production facility and named it after Bill Davis, the station’s founder and Ontario’s former premier.