Justin Trudeau, Perry Bellegarde

You can’t drink an apology

Scott Gilmore: Canadian politicians are masters of the official apology. But it’s time to recognize these rituals for what they are: distractions.
Pope John Paul II in Nigeria

How the Pope became so mighty

A former priest argues that the loss of worldly power has increased the papacy’s spiritual power
Vatican Pope

On American openness and papal predictions

Brian Bethune’s latest from Rome
The Canadian who could be the next Pope

Cardinal Marc Ouellet: The Canadian who could be pope

Brian Bethune on the papal contenders
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Europe pushes back against the pope

Many want priests to marry and women to be ordained
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London police arrest six men over alleged plan to attack Pope

Controversy continues to swirl around Pontiff’s visit to U.K.
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How much did the Pope know?

Benedict faces tough questions about the Church’s sex abuse scandal
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Meet the priest—and his family

Only the Pope can allow married priests who convert
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Raphael crushes Michelangelo

In a show about 100 years in the artistic life of Rome, one master prevails over all others
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Week in Pictures: May 7th – May 13th, 2009

The best pics of the last seven days