The new worry about the next election: your daily news

Sarmishta Subramanian: The risk this fall is not in the rise of a xenophobe or a left-wing populist. It’s in what’s happening to our media.

Why Canadians are closer to losing their news than they think

The depth of Canada’s media problem is only truly visible by looking at the country’s most popular news access point: Facebook

Isn’t there a rule against outrageous bonuses?

The decision by Postmedia to pay executives millions in retention bonuses even as it empties out its newsrooms has sparked outrage, but was it illegal?

Where the future of journalism lies

A former Globe & Mail editor argues that newspapers have forgotten what they want from readers

Postmedia deal: Part financial engineering, part wishful thinking

It’s still not clear what buying even more struggling newspapers will do for Postmedia’s long-term financial viability

PKP and the Quebecor deal: Business or personal?

Martin Patriquin on why the sale of the Sun Media papers meshes with Pierre Karl Péladeau’s political ambitions

Outgrowing the mother corp.

Why the CBC has outlived its usefulness

Colby Cosh on the futility of the Mother Corp.


Postmedia shuts down wire service, cuts jobs, and signs back up for the Canadian Press

Postmedia Network Inc. will shut down its wire service, reports the Globe and Mail. Since 2007, when its wire service was set up to compete with the Canadian Press, Postmedia produced stories from its Ottawa newsroom for the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal and a range of other Postmedia websites and newspapers.


I bet Mr. Trower has a delightful accent

COSH: Questioning the latest “Cold War weapons expert” on the Wi-Fi in schools issue


Media War 2.0

That’s the title of Tom Watson’s feature in the new issue of Canadian Business. It looks at how the big players in the Canadian media biz — The Globe, Star, Postmedia, and Sun Media — are all working different strategies as they try to figure out how to make money in a business environment that has changed almost unrecognizeably since the National Post was launched.