Pride parade

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Hadrien Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Kennedy Stewart

Conservatives use Pride parades to redefine the Absolute Bare Minimum

Tabatha Southey: Tory leaders have a habit of avoiding Pride parades. As some leadership hopefuls declare their intention to march, do they really think that’s enough?
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The naked truth about Pride

In defence of public nudity
Raining on the pride parade

Raining on the Pride parade

The Toronto event was widely reported to have been attended by a million people—an impossible statistic

A million people at the Pride parade? Really?

There’s a good reason the figure is unbelievable: it’s wrong
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One million attend Pride parade

Rob Ford skips parade as expected, stokes controversy
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How to distract from your cause

For the UTSU, support for Pride Parade is more about exposure for the university

Student leaders against Israeli Apartheid

Speaking for you, using your money