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Stephen Harper

Why Harper wants to take on the world

Why is the PM preoccupied with external threats?
Canada's best Prime ministers

Canada’s best prime ministers

Maclean’s second survey of our greatest leaders shows a new number one, and some big surprises.

The damage done by doing so little

Andrew Coyne argues that the Conservatives’ drive to stay in power imperils the state of politics itself
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The founding fathers?

Even John A. Macdonald would admit that these two guys are the ones who started it all
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Ichiro Ozawa: ’Wily, Machiavellian, amoral’

Japanese power broker may still be indicted for a campaign funding scandal. He also wants to be PM.
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We get the feeling you’re tuning out, Steve

FESCHUK: It’s year four as PM. Do you know where your cabinet ministers are?