Prime Ministers

Michael Wernick, former clerk of the Privy Council of Canada, participates in an interview with Maclean's, on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. (Photograph by Justin Tang)

Michael Wernick has some advice

Paul Wells talks to the former clerk of the Privy Council about his advice to Prime Ministers, the time pressures of governing, and political exits
Red paint is still visible on the sculpture of Macdonald at the entrance of The Prime Ministers Path in Wilmot, Ont. (Photograph by Yader Guzman)

A statue of John A. Macdonald rests in purgatory

A project featuring a statue of every Canadian PM has become a politically charged minefield as the legacies of the nation’s early leaders are reappraised according to contemporary standards
It was Trudeau by a nose in the fourth at the Liberal leadership convention at Ottawa, Saturday. Justice Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 46, got 1203 votes--a few more than the required majority--on the fourth ballot. (Peter Bregg/CP)

Trudeaumania through the eyes of photographer Peter Bregg 50 years later

Bregg, who captured so many of the most memorable photographs of Pierre Trudeau, was on hand when Trudeaumania began on April 6, 1968

This Old House: The sagging of 24 Sussex

Paul Wells on troubled houses — metaphorical and otherwise