Prince Edward Island

The Battle for a Prince Edward Island Beach

A Toronto millionaire wanted to build a beachfront mega-cottage on a remote stretch of Prince Edward Island’s pristine north shore. Then the locals got wind of it.

The Move: Why this veterinarian left P.E.I. for New Brunswick

Adele Doucet always thought she’d build her dream home. Until she found the perfect listing—in her hometown.

Jim Walmsley. (Photo by Cody McEachern/SaltWire Network)

This man is building a tiny-home utopia in P.E.I.

Jim Walmsley wants to fight the housing crisis by creating a community from the ground up

The treacherous Darnley channel, between Malpeque Bay and a nearby wharf, is a worry for fishers who need to navigate it during lobster season (James Harper)

P.E.I. lobster fishers risk it all just to leave their harbour. And they’re fed up.

High winds and strong tides clog Darnley channel with sand, forcing captains to risk running aground. Some say the only solution is building a new $42-million harbour—but Ottawa isn’t ponying up.

The Tory premier who plays nice and doesn’t sound very blue

Dennis King of P.E.I. on climate change, what’s wrong with modern politics and how he narrowly missed his ‘Gilles Duceppe moment’ at the Calgary Stampede

The Prince Edward Island hug that shocked a nation

Image of the week: In Canada’s smallest province, political leaders are embracing civility. Would it kill their mainland counterparts to do the same?

The Green Wave falls just short in Prince Edward Island

The Tories have won the province’s first minority in more than a century, and the Greens have supplanted the Liberals as the No. 2 party

P.E.I. made history with this election—just not the kind everyone expected

David Moscrop: The Greens are travelling Canada’s political landscape without the excess baggage other parties carry—and they’re making serious headway

Is it time to abolish provinces?

Scott Gilmore: This middle tier of government makes no sense in an increasingly urban Canada, and its distorting effect on our politics will only get worse

Could the walrus return to the Maritimes?

The animals once thrived in the region, prompting some locals to mull over a tricky problem: how to bring them back

After 35 years, abortions are finally available in P.E.I.

A Q&A with the first doctor to perform an abortion in P.E.I. since the early 1980s, about what this means for women in the province

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.