Privacy commissioner

The public fuss over the privacy commissioner

Welcome to the job, Daniel Therrien

The privacy commissioner and C-13

Scrutiny of a contentious bill


Vic Toews is watching

The government has tabled its online surveillance legislation, now dubbed the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.”


Privacy’s not dead

Canada’s privacy commissioner on how the protection of personal information today starts with taking control


The registry and privacy

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews first claimed that long-gun registry data needed to be destroyed lest it fall into the NDP’s hands. Mr. Toews then argued that destroying the data was necessary as a matter of privacy. On the latter point, the privacy commissioner seems not entirely to agree.


‘Canadians have not been given sufficient justification’

The privacy commissioner questions the Harper government’s push for “lawful access” legislation.


All this for that?

To the two complaints the privacy commissioner fielded in regards to the 2006 census, you can add 22 expressions of concern received by Statistics Canada.


Behold, the outrage

The last two editions of the census generated precisely three complaints to the privacy commissioner, one of which was resolved without an investigation, another of which was not found to constitute a breach of the Privacy Act.


Newsmakers ’09: Winners

The year’s winners