Exposing Facebook’s ’deeply troubling’ behaviour

Canada’s privacy commissioner plans to take Facebook to court to enforce privacy laws, saying the company’s ’privacy framework was empty’

Your mall is watching you

Your mall map sees the expression on your face. It knows how you feel. Creeped out yet?
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland

The USMCA locks Canada in on digital trade—and at a worrying time

Opinion: There are notable differences in Canada’s approach to data between the ’new NAFTA’ and the TPP, and they may have troubling consequences

Canada has shown leadership on data—but it’s silent when trade deals arise

Opinion: Canada’s trade talk doesn’t match its data-regulation walk, and if policymakers fail to coordinate those two, there could be trouble ahead
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Why it’s finally time to crack down on Facebook

Stephen Maher: A 2009 Canadian investigation warned about Facebook’s data collecting. It was right all along. And Zuckerberg’s apologies won’t fix this crisis.
Mark Zuckerberg

When it comes to our data privacy, we don’t really have a choice

The debate around personal data has largely focused on privacy as an individual choice. The Cambridge Analytica scandal shows how little choice we actually have

It is time to overhaul Canada’s data protection—your rights are at stake

Opinion: A draft position by Canada’s privacy commissioner on the right to be forgotten shows how our inadequate laws are being overstretched
Someone cowers from their tablet smart home device.

Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ is already in millions of homes. Her name is Alexa.

Smart homes and intelligent bots that cater to our whims may be convenient, but is it really worth being under surveillance all the time?

How facial recognition software is slowly eroding privacy

Our editorial: New face-tracking technology offers an invaluable tool for law enforcement, but as it spreads there will be a strong temptation to misuse it
Middle class residential community

Is it okay for a city to track what’s in your poop?

That’s just one of the ethical dilemmas sure to arise as municipalities across Canada rush to embrace smart city initiatives