Zuckerberg capture

A Zuckerberg photo, turtle killers & fiscal mismangement

What students are talking about today (December 28th)
Facebook-Privacy Vote

In response to the new Facebook guidelines

Jesse Brown: I hereby declare myself Mayor of Toronto
mo necklace

What students are talking about today (November 9th edition)

Movember jewelery, discovery at McMaster & Instagram

Expect privacy at work? You’re not unreasonable, says Supreme Court

Their workplace, their gear, their company, their rules. So what about your rights? Jesse Brown explains

The new reason to be wary of Facebook

Hint: it’s not just those annoying "friends"
Missing image

Facebook’s friends without benefit

As the social media site once again tries to grow its revenue, a familiar fear returns

Think you have a right to privacy online? Think again, says Ontario court.

Yes, it was about child pornography—but the implications for the rest of us are scary
Facebook Privacy Flaw Exposes Private Photos

Facebook: If anything was exposed, likely it was how little we trust it

Is the glitch with the social network or with its users’ brains?