Google, Facebook, Amazon and eBay go to Washington

Meet the Internet Association, the big dot-coms’ lobby group
Virtual Self Nora Young rotator

’The Virtual Self’: CBC’s Nora Young talks about her new book

Ever wondered why we share so much information about ourselves and what happens to it?
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Needed: an ’eraser’ button to right Internet wrongs

A Stanford professor wants tech giants to allow kids to permanently erase personal information
Facebook dislike rotator

Facebook’s stock has never been lower (with me)

I can’t quite delete my account, but I look at it less and less
Hall of Fame Boxing

Facebook’s secret? Rolling with the punches

The ubiquitous social network somehow always comes out on top

Virgin Atlantic to allow passengers to use cell phones in flight

The last bastion of freedom from the intrusive, ubiquitous, unrelenting tyranny of cell phone clamour is about to disappear
Privacy Simplified rotator

Privacy simplified

A trio of Yale students has developed a free service to help users navigate the ins and outs of privacy agreements
Cyberfile Transit Tech 20110803

Do Canadian cops need warrants for GPS tracking?

In the U.S. police can even buy a monthly subscription to customers’ tracking data
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Stalking women? There’s an app for that.

Girls Around Me lets users track neighborhood girls and read their Facebook profiles