After Vikileaks, we can protect privacy, or outgrow it

How the Facebook generation is handing the Earth over to the meek
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Vic Toews, meet Fake Ann Cavoukian

Ironically, Ontario’s privacy commissioner (a harsh critic of Lawful Access) also has a detested Twitter doppelganger
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Not-so-perfect strangers

How to deal with a roommate who’s the polar opposite
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Lawful Access: a creepy Valentine from Vic Toews

No one will ’read emails without a warrant,’ he says. Indeed, it may be much worse than that.

Facebook’s going public, and so are you

Why the tech behemoth may accelerate the erosion of privacy
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Police: No ’good examples’ of why we need Lawful Access

Evidence obtained by OpenMedia shows struggle to justify warrantless Internet surveillance
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Voyeur reported in washroom at York

Male suspect had phone in his hand