google rotator

Why not searching on Google is stupid

Privacy-concious users complain about the search engine giant–but they do have a choice

Dick and Jane go potty... together

The perils of co-ed washrooms
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Privacy’s not dead

Canada’s privacy commissioner on how the protection of personal information today starts with taking control
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Boo! A brief history of technology scares

People have been worrying about the effects of new technology since, well, fire

Think you’re not on Facebook? Think again.

The social networking site doesn’t need you to be a member to get your data
glasses of alcohol

Remove drunken posts. Change privacy setting.

What researchers are doing on Facebook
Caught in the net

Caught in Facebook’s net

Will its increasingly complex website be its undoing?
This is my best birthday ever

This is my best Facebook birthday ever

Having 700 people remember your big day is gratifying, even if they’re strangers