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Who’s suing whom

A Vancouver Island First Nation sues over land claims, and a transgendered woman in Winnipeg accuses police of abuse
Jack Layton’s casket

Layton: the final enigma

Eventually, Canada will begin to oblige men in Layton’s position to be excruciatingly forthright about their health

Google wants to see your papers

Google will let you use whatever name you want—so long as it’s on your driver’s license, too
With friends like these

Who owns your Facebook friends?

A tool that lets users export their Facebook ‘friends’ to a rival service may expose the site’s Achilles heel
High-tech smear job

High-tech smear job

Facebook’s attempts to plant nasty news stories about Google shows just how intense the rivalry between the two has become
Cleaning up privacy laws

Cleaning up Britain’s privacy laws

Should government or the courts draw the line between free speech and the right to privacy?

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, Apple tracks me

So what if your iPhone tells Apple where you’ve been?
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Nursing students suspended for posting placenta picture on Facebook

School may have overreacted, but students should have known better
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Ryerson librarian will keep his job

Taking photographs of strippers from campus office not a ’fireable offence’